Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chapters 25-27 (The End)

The Prankster scene has come down to Mexico!  A couple of the most important Pranksters to Kesey have come down to Mexico for a little while to visit their leader, their guru, the man, the myth, the legend.  They meet a strange man who they think is an federal agent, and they think he is taking pictures of them.  Babbs confronts this man only to realize he is a local authority and has no interest in their group, but does enjoy a couple of beers with Babbs.  Anyway, the Pranksters do their usual routine, and get some locals to past the Mexican Acid Test, and then they are back off to California where we see the "Cops and Robbers Game."

Kesey likes to interpret everything as a movie.  The Mountain Girl being pregnant movie, the Hell's Angel Movie, the fugitive on the run movie, and now the cops movie.  Kesey thinks he has control over this movie until the movie takes a turn of events after Kesey publicizes himself.  He makes it known that he will remain a fugitive in the U.S on national TV, and the federals catch him shortly after.  Now comes into play the whole idea of the book.  The Acid Test has been given to teenagers and young adults all over, and now Kesey, the man who is known to have started these Acid Tests presents his theory of going "beyond acid."  He says that acid opens so many doors but than those doors close when you come down from your trip, why not have those doors open all the time.  You have to find what you're looking for without the acid.  This is the new acid test, this is graduating from acid.

Kesey gets off his three felonies, and has to let the community know that acid is bad, fuck it... He's not going to say it in those exact words.  He goes more along the lines of saying that acid is good, hell acid is even great, but we can do without it.  We are mature enough to cope without acid, and we can have these visions and find what we are looking for without using drugs.  The only people that understand Kesey anymore are the Pranksters, who have in fact become the outsiders again.  The group along Height-Ash bury were not developing whatsoever.  They were basing their principles off only the use of drugs.  They didn't elaborate on this like the Pranksters use to.  These kids weren't creating anything like the Pranksters use to.  The only people who understand are the people in the Prankster inner circle.  The Prankster outer circle doesn't know the true meaning of this lifestyle, and the fad of the Pranksters seems over.  It's just like any other fad, it comes and it passes, and now Kesey and his group are drawn out of the acid loop.  

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