Monday, December 10, 2012

Chapters 9-12

This book is about a group of revolutionaries, of group of crazy individuals who all want the world to be the way they see it, they may be the outsiders, but they are perfectly fine with that.  They want to convert the whole up growing population to be the outsiders in society.  The merry pranksters want to envision the world differently, they take hard drugs in order to escape reality.  A group like this during the 1960s was very common, especially in San Francisco, New York, and LA.  In these cities this group of people may be considered the majority, but still the outsiders being in that they are going against the social norms that have been established by "the man."

LSD, speed, and marijuana are very common drugs in this group, but throughout these chapters they start talking about the use of DMT.  The effects of DMT are unbelievable... Literally people have described it as entering a fourth dimension.  You entire a completely different universe, your heart beats faster and faster and you see and experience stuff that you could never imagine.  I mentioned earlier that this kind of lifestyle was very common during the 1960s, it's actually surprisingly popular in this day and age as well.  A music movement known as Dub-step is influencing drug use, there is in fact a Dub-step artist that calls himself Run-DMT.  If you see someone on LSD or DMT they are a completely different person.  You could even say that there is a monster trapped inside their body.  The merry pranksters all get along great with each other because they always trip together.  This group is always there for each other, often when individuals trip in front of a person who is sober they have a bad trip, because there are "bad vibes."

Kesey and his group want to get the movie all put together, they spent at least $103,000 on it.  Police were becoming more and more aware of Kesey and his group and eventually raided his house and busted him even though he didn't have drugs on him at the raid in 1965.  The aspect I really appreciate about this book is that you would expect this group to be a bunch of bums, like a usual homeless person or a hippy, but they are in fact pretty productive.  They want each other to be productive and encourage it, in fact Bradley yells at Norman because all he does is read and smoke cigarettes.  They want each other to paint, write poetry, film, etc. because it displays their overall progression as a group.  A group of outsiders, but a group of intellectual outsiders who are living on the edge.  Who are experiencing new things that no "normal" individual will experience.      

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